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About Alpina

Alpina is the member of German DAW Group. DAW Group specialize in research, producing and sell of high quality paint, varnish, constructive protective coating, wall insulation system. Alpina must be the leader in German market, the third in European market and the sixth in the global market.

Alpinawei? is the successful foundation of Alpina, that still the star products in west European construction materials market until now. The name of Alpinawei? is due to the beauties of Alps. The early part of the last century, Dr. Robert Murjahn , as the paint producer was inspired by the glazed snow mountain in Lucerne Swiss, he named the newly developed paint after this beautiful scenery.He registered Alpinawei? as trademark in 1909.

Nowadays, Alpina provide interior wall coating, special coating, colorful coating,full range of adjustable coating, exterior wall coating, waterborne colored paint,varnish,mortar and color mixer products. Alpina continuously injects inspiring and exciting energy with the especially rising of color paint. With broad-based product, Alpina provide every customer what they need. You can find Alpina’s milestone, the road to sustainable development, various innovations and honors in the chronicles.

DAW SE Group is an independent operated family business
Now is run by the fifth-generation.

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